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The Blue Bay Inn Can Be Rented For Private Events.

It is amazing how much fun families and groups have when they¬† rent the entire inn.  Just imagine yourself as an innkeeper of this upscale boutique hotel for the weekend or a week.  Most people at some point wish they owned a small hotel or bed and breakfast either on the shore or in the mountains.  At the Blue Bay Inn you can use up to 24 rooms (approximately 50 people) for you and your guests. Now is your chance to see what it is like. Here are some of the groups that have rented the inn in the past. 


Church groups:  

Many churches have retreats for marriage encounter weekends, spiritual renewal weekends, prayer weekends,   youth group retreats, baptism or confirmation preparation weekends, or just a fun time to get away and meditate.  

Family Reunions:

Every year thousands of families plan vacations together, rent out catering halls for the holidays or gather in a small cramped house for the holidays or summer time.  We rent the inn for weekends and for a full week to help you create the memories you and your family deserve.  Many families take advantage of the amenities.  Within two blocks, there are 12 restaurants, a movie theatre, a playhouse, upscale boutiques, spas, hair salons, artisan shops, a coffee house and the Seastreak ferry which luxuriously shuttles back and forth to Manhattan in 40 minutes.¬† Our central location and multitude of entertainment venues has helped our guests experience the wonderful benefits of a small town on the Jersey Shore without the need of a car.

Family Tributes/ Funeral Memorials:  

Get the family together to celebrate life.  The life of an ancestor who helped mold your family into what it is today.  One family rented the inn to pay tribute to Grandma and Grandpa who passed several years earlier.  A memorial at the ocean led to a family meal and good old-fashioned family time.  They enjoyed playing the piano, singing songs, reminiscing about good times and passing around old photos, as well as taking new ones of the grandkids.  The memories will be passed on for many generations to come.... They rebooked for 2008.

Wedding Parties: 

Weddings and commitment ceremonies have become tradition at the Blue Bay Inn over the last few years.   The Blue Bay Inn is located just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean and the famous beaches of Sandy Hook.

Things to consider when you "Rent The Inn"

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