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Planning your Corporate Meeting - Event Types


  1. Board meeting   Composed of corporate board members, this might be held regularly in the corporate headquarters or designated boardroom. Company-specific policies prevail for such meetings.
  2. Sales conference   This might be called to announce or kick off a sales product or sales period, such as a quarterly sales meeting, or to assess a past sales period and offer rewards and commendations.
  3. Management meeting   A corporate meeting that is held for executives, sometimes in response to a corporate problem.
  4. Corporate retreat   This might be held for any number of reasons, including corporate policy reinforcement, changes, or performance assessment.
  5. Awards ceremony   To reward new research and development, outstanding product sales, a successful fundraiser, or capital development achievements, or as a special morale booster.
  6. Holiday party   Usually held for corporate executives, their clients, and their services vendors.
  7. Annual meeting   A shareholders' meeting for a corporation or the annual membership meeting for a trade association.
  8. Product launch   Introduces and promotes a new product to the professional community or the consumer.
  9. Seminar   A meeting designed to provide information, with discussion about that information. Usually an interactive meeting with attendee participation and feedback.
  10. Workshop   A course that is designed to offer practical applications through demonstration. It might be a hands-on workshop designed to improve a skill or a course that provides a setting for practice in a particular area.
  11. Conference   A meeting designed for discussion, consultation, and exchange of information; usually composed of general sessions and smaller group meetings to find facts and solve problems.
  12. Convention   A large gathering of association members who convene for a specific purpose; usually composed of general sessions, committee meetings, and workshop sessions.
  13. Incentive meeting   Rewards for high-performance employees, distributors, or customers. As a business motivational tool, they are thought to improve performance, and to motivate consumers and non-sales employees as well.
  14. General assembly or plenary session   A gathering of all participants to listen to a keynote speaker and one or more presenters for a specific period of time — used at least once during a conference.
  15. Concurrent sessions   Smaller sessions presented at the same time on different topics that are of interest to portions of the overall audience. Breakout sessions differ from concurrent sessions in that the topics of the small meetings are the same.
  16. Training sessions   On-site, highly interactive sessions that last from one day up to several weeks. Sessions are led by professional trainers with specific expertise in one or more topics, and are designed to accomplish specific, targeted goals.
  17. Team-building events   Provide various challenges and specially constructed activities to demonstrate the importance of teams to select groups of employees. The goal is to develop strong teams for the benefit of the organization's goals. Activities can range from going white-water rafting to leading blindfolded team members through obstacle courses. All involve working as a team against another team for a specific outcome.
  18. Fundraisers   Designed for donors to any number of philanthropic endeavors, these are traditionally black-tie galas in upscale facilities such as museums, concert halls, theaters, or opera houses. Examples of other fundraising events include golf and tennis tournaments.
  19. Special events   Examples include theme dinner parties; group tours; before, during, or after-meeting entertainment (spouses and children included) on the premises or in theaters, on yachts, at the opera, at a concert, in museums, or at other historical venues; and golf or tennis tournament.